Shamanic Training 2022

I am thrilled to announce my upcoming Shamanic Training. This is an expertly curated program for anyone looking to continue their energy healing journey and feeling a strong pull towards the tradition and practices of Shamanism. The program will take place over the course of 8 months and we will meet 1 Sunday each month starting in March 2022. Sounds like something you want to do? 

The curriculum, dates and additional information are all listed below. 

The curriculum 

The dates

- History of Shamanic Practice 

- Concepts of shamanism

- Receiving spirit animal/shamanic guide

- Receiving the Munay rites

- Journeying as well as learning how to journey

- Communication with organs/learning organ systems and energetic meaning

- How to complete a Soul retrieval/complete a soul retrieval

- Remove and repair damages to energetic body 

- How to identify attachments and how to remove them 

- Practice sessions and mentorship during training

- Certification for Shamanic student following training


Additionally, books will be recommended to you upon signing up. 


I will also be available for additional mentorship (at my hourly rate) following training to advance, practice and continue on Shamanic path. 

March 20th 
April 24th 
May 15th 
June 12th 
July 17th 
August 21st 
September 18th 
October 16th 

*all dates are in 2022. We will meet for approximately 4 hours on each of those days. 


Pricing options

Option 1: $3200 payable in full prior to the start date via cash only.*
Option 2: $3500 payment plan payable via cash, check, credit cards or Venmo.**
- $500 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot + 5 payments of $600 on 3/1, 4/1, 5/1, 6/1 and 7/1. 

* The cash option is non-refundable 

** The deposit for the payment plan is non-refundable. In the event where a student does not finish the training he/she will be charged up until the last month they attended with the previous payments being non-refundable.

Contact me to sign-up